Let's Save the Animals: A Flip-the-Flap-Book by Frances Barry

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Let's Save the Animals: A Flip-the-Flap-Book by Frances Barry
Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 978-1406312492
(Age 3- 8) Recommended. What a beautiful book! Barry has chosen ten well known endangered animals, the African elephant, black rhinoceros, Amur tiger, polar bear, giant panda, emperor penguin, orang-utan, Hector's dolphin, green sea turtle and Monarch butterfly and created a wonderful introduction to conservation for young readers.
The book is a fascinating mixture of beautiful illustrations, with cut out flaps, and a large print story for the beginning readers with lots of memorable alliteration which also makes it perfect to read aloud . The African elephant for example, stomps across the plains when the first page is turned and then, when the reader lifts the flap, it can be seen showering in the swamps. In small print in unusual spots is additional information stating some of the reasons the elephant is in danger.
A Did You Know section at the front of the book gives the reader some fascinating facts about endangered animals along the way like elephants sleep standing up and giant pandas like to do somersaults. The front endpaper also features a map of the world and shows where the featured endangered animals live. The back endpaper lists simple ways to the young reader can help to protect and save animals.
This book would be perfect to use when introducing conservation and endangered animals to young children and wonderful to have in your library or home for children to read anytime.
Pat Pledger