What will I do when I grow up? by Margherita Borin

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Berbay Publishing, 2018. ISBN 9780994384157
What will I do when I grow up by Margherita Borin is a picture book that as the title suggests, discusses a variety of careers people can do when they grow up. It centres around the high street of a town (or the Main Street as we know it in Australia) and focusses on a Chef, Builder, Scientist, Teacher and an Artist.
Each vocation is explained in a simple way, in respect to what the person may do, what instruments or equipment they may use and other things that may be involved with the job. Each section also ends with the question 'Would you like to be a... when you grow up" leaving it open for discussion with the reader.
Each of the jobs also has multiple pages of illustrations showing areas within the workplace and the actual equipment that may be used. For example - the chef section shows a kitchen, chef's uniform, utensils (knives, pots and pans, scales, blenders, mixers and graters to name a few), and a whole page of raw and cooked ingredients. The builder shows a work site, machinery and building equipment.
When reading this with my kids it was a good tool to talk about what they knew about these jobs and if they liked any of them. We also spent a lot of time looking at all the different pictures, naming them and how they can be used. Obviously there are a lot more jobs in the world than these 5 but it is a good introduction to the idea of a career and also an understanding of what adults do and who is behind many of the things we love i.e. How was our house built? Who cooks our dinner at a restaurant? How can we cure diseases and learn about the world? Who will we meet at school? We give it 3.5 out of 5.
Lauren Fountain