Ginger Meggs by Tristan Bancks and Jason Chatfield

cover image

What a step back into my childhood. I remember always looking forward in reading the next Ginger Meggs comic strip in dad’s newspaper. Cutting out the comic strip and pasting it into a scrap book to read again and again. Yeap, we had newspapers delivered home those days not digitally on line like today.

Puffin Books has managed to put together four brand-new stories of the ironic Aussie legend, Ginger Meggs in an awesome hardcover edition to celebrate 100 years of this lovable character and his friends created by Jimmy Bancks back in 1921. Yeap, Ginger Meggs is 100 years old and he hasn’t aged a bit. Did you know that this comic is one of the longest running comic strips in the world and it's Aussie?

The brand new stories are written by Tristan Bancks, the great-great nephew of Jimmy Bancks and illustrated by the current Ginger Meggs cartoonist, Jason Chatfield. They both have managed to put together a wonderful book. Anyone young or old would love to read the newest adventures of the red-haired mischief maker Ginger Meggs.

All stories are written in a way that you can actually think it’s something you can do in real life. From making a lamington business, to running for prime minster and going camping with dad. The best story was ‘Dead Man’s Hill’; who wouldn’t want to build a billycart to race the other kids in town and what a race it was. All stories had me giggling away.

Also included is a timeline history of Ginger Meggs and how the comic was created and became a world-wide success.

This hard cover edition is a great commemoration to one of Australia’s great icons. So happy to have it on my shelf at school to share with everyone.

Maria Komninos