The Drowned Kingdom by Kate Forsyth

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The Impossible Quest bk 4. Scholastic Australia, 2015.ISBN: 9781743624098
(Age: 10+) Fans of this fantasy adventure will be pleased to see this next instalment which gives us more information about Quinn's past and sheds some light on the motivation behind the original invasion of Wolfhaven. Themes of good and evil, jealousy and forgiveness abound.
The Impossible Quest continues as Quinn, Tom, Sebastian and Elanor have only one more object to collect and then hopefully the Grand Teller's prophecy will come true and the people of Wolfhaven will be saved. How hard can it be to find the scale of a sea serpent when they have a unicorn, griffin and baby dragon to help?
Having successfully escaped from Blackmoor Bog the young friends seek out Master Willard who has vast sailing experience in the hope he can help them find sea serpents. As it turns out it was he who found Quinn as a baby when she washed up in a basket and as well as a map he also gives Quinn the baby rattle he has kept for her all these years.
After securing a boat the team set off for the Drowned Kingdom, animals included. As they near the Drowned Kingdom they are greeted by rampant Sea Serpents resulting in Tom being seriously injured. They are rescued by the besieged local inhabitants and learn much more about the history of the Kingdom, and discover the truth about Quinn's past. Think magic, spells, jealousy and witches. Will Tom survive and how will their quest be advanced by this trip?
With three more books to follow there are still a lot of battles, adventures and magic to be had. All the mystical creatures are in place, now there are just castle stones to start singing, ghosts to rise and the evil Lady Mortlake and her sister to defeat.
Sue Keane