Wolf girl 10: The race is on by Anh Do

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The Race is On, is the tenth book in the popular Wolf Girl series. Gwen is a competitor in the Championship Games with the goal of winning in order to free the people of Hookville. She has taken Jarrod’s place and is up against five boys, all desperate to win the prize of a granted wish. For Gwen though, she is shocked and devastated to discover the Braxan Commander is her long-lost sister Kate. When Kate discovers Gwen is one of the contestants, she is equally shocked and endeavours to steer Gwen away from the competition as she knows how dangerous it is. However the secret meeting between the sisters does not go well and Gwen is very angry and determined to compete.

The race will be televised live to a huge audience and involves a series of challenging stages across inaccessible terrains where the contestants will be stretched to the limit of their physical abilities. Added to this, there are nasty tricks in play, as all are competing to set loved ones free from the Braxans evil clutches. Gwen is on the receiving end of some unpleasant tactics yet in the end the six all band together to save each other from drowning with some welcome help from Jarrod and Gwen’s pack. Running parallel to this is the imprisonment Jarrod and the pack face but they receive help from an unexpected source. Who will win the contest? Will Kate and Gwen be reunited? Does Kate know if their parents are still alive?

This is an exciting and action-packed story that will continue to captivate fans of the Wolf Girl series. Detailed illustrations by Lachlan Creagh provide a strong visual connection to the text. Book Eleven will be published soon.

Themes: Family, Children, Adventure, Survival, Competition, Teamwork, Animals, Danger.

Kathryn Beilby