I don't want curly hair by Laura Ellen Anderson

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Bloomsbury, 2017. ISBN 9781408868409
(Age: 4+) Recommended, Hair. Satisfaction. Body image. With wild hair springing out on every page, and many many words for curls taking up the text, readers will laugh out loud at the antics taken by the protagonist as she tries to straighten her unruly hair. The methods are as wild as her hair, as she ties balloons to her hair in the hope of them going skyward taking her hair with them, or putting heavy books on her hair to iron out the wrinkles, or having her friends pull it out for her. She craves straight hair, and despises her mop of wild unruly hair which makes a birds' nest on her head. The uproarious illustrations will have readers following the girl's attempts with glee seeing her many attempts to tame her hair. But all to no avail, until she hears someone with straight hair trying to change her hair to curly. The exact opposite is happening with someone else. She is trying all sorts of strange methods to get her hair curly and the two have a wonderful time working out fun things they can do with their hair, satisfied that what they have cannot be changed to something it is not.
This book will encourage children to look at their positives and not to be dissatisfied with how they look.
Fran Knight