Hidden by Marianne Curley

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Avena series. Bloomsbury, 2013. ISBN 9781408822623.
(Age: 12+) Recommended. Paranormal. Angels. Ebony knows that she is different. Her beautiful violet eyes make her stand out and she has noticed strange bumps on her shoulders. She has been home schooled by her over protective parents who won't allow her to leave the valley where she lives. One night she creeps out to a dance where she meets Jordan who is badly injured in a fight. A strange feeling that she must shield him comes over her. She meets Nathaneal, who seems to know her and what she is. But there are strange forces at work who also want her.
Told in alternative chapters by Jordan and Ebony, these two characters stand out vividly as the reader gets to know their fears, strengths and insecurities very well. Jordan's descriptions of events and the angel Nathaneal brought the story to life for me. Ebony comes across as a feisty individual who is not very trusting. She needs to see the truth for herself and is prepared to take risks to find out what is going on.
Fans of the paranormal romance will be happy with the idea that there is a one true love destined from birth and will thrill to the growing feelings between Nathaneal and Ebony. However there is sure to be members of a Team Jordan, who want Jordan to win Ebony's heart.
Curley keeps the story going with some tense action packed scenes. The fight in the car park between Jordan and his once best friend Adam is nerve wracking as are the scenes in the hospital where Jordan lies, trying to recover from his beating. An encounter between the opposing forces of angels is also thrilling. Add a cliff hanger ending and readers will be certain to pick up the next in the series.
It is good to see Marianne Curley returning to writing after a long illness. I enjoyed her first series. I loved the quality of writing, characterisation and action in Hidden, a superior book in the popular angel genre and look forward to reading the next two books in the series.
Recommended for readers who enjoy paranormal stories and who liked the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick and the Evernight series by Claudia Gray.
Pat Pledger