Today we have no plans by Jane Godwin

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Ill. by Anna Walker. Viking, 2012. ISBN: 9780670075201.
Highly recommended for younger children. The busy life of a young girl and her family is broken down, day by day. With calendars, lists, school notices, homework and invitations pictured on the front end papers, any parent with young children will identify with the activities and responsibilities of getting everything organised to keep on top of the daily routine. Each day at school brings a new activity for the girl, with Saturday no exception. With swimming lessons, orchestra, after school care, library visits, shopping and weekend sport, the girl becomes more and more tired as the week progresses. When Sunday arrives, the family loves nothing more than to announce that they have 'no plans'. Finally each member of the family has time to rest, relax, play, create and appreciate nature and the small things in life, as well as simply enjoying one another's company before their return to rushing and routine.
The wonderful pairing of Jane Godwin and Anna Walker is truly a match made in heaven. Godwin's rhyming, engaging text is sure to delight adults and children alike as it tells the story of a busy week. Walker's free flowing, sketches and water-colour paintings complement the story perfectly. The differences in the end papers at the beginning contrast brilliantly to those at the end as the conclusion of the book shows no lists, alarm clocks or the like but instead depict the fruits of a day spent on creative pursuits and relaxation. This could be used in Junior Primary classrooms to discuss family activities, sequencing, days of the week, appreciation of nature and the value of time spent dreaming. A truly beautiful book!
Jo Schenkel