Stick and stone by Beth Ferry

cover image

Koala Books, 2015. ISBN 9781742761671
Picture book. A stick and a stone! Friends? Unlikely! One is lonely, the other all alone. But when Pinecone comes along, poking fun, stick sticks up for his new friend, and a deep attachment develops... even if they are a stick and a stone.
Together they wander and explore, having lots of fun, until a hurricane blows poor stick away. Stone is all alone again, searching despondently for his friend. Will he find him? Will stick need rescuing?
Will they ever get back together; stand together to become a perfect 10?
The simple, uncluttered illustrations in this warm-hearted children's book, together with easy-to-read text, are sure to delight all who venture here. After all... stones rock!
J Kerr-Smith