Guinness World Records 2020

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Guinness World Records Ltd., 2019. ISBN: 9781912286812.
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. Themes: Records. Once again the Guinness World Records team has brought together a fabulous collection of fascinating, weird and wonderful records with something for everyone. In 11 chapters, including Sports, arts and Media, Planet Earth, Animals, Robots, Tech and engineering, the book explores different records in many locations.
Dipping in (as one does) I was immediately taken by a photo of the youngest player, male or female, to score a double century in international cricket - 17 year old NZ player, Amelia Kerr. Then after a quick glance at the back cover which had lots of subjects listed, thought I would have a look at Fortnite, which my grandson loves. A perusal of the index, brought me to two pages of information that is sure to engage any aficionados of the game. Leaving that, I skipped back to the Table of Contents and decided to have a look at Planet Earth which was divided into geographical regions and perusing Oceania discovered a gorgeous photo of The Great Barrier Reef (longest reef) and one of the Daintree Rainforest (oldest tropical rainforest). Then flicking through, a photo of the farthest arrow shot using the feet caught my attention (Brittany Walsh, 12,31m).
As always, the Guinness World Records 2020 is beautifully presented, with outstanding photography and interesting and well-presented information about a huge range of records. It is a book that has a contents page and index to easily find information, but also begs the reader just to flick through and enjoy the experience of discovering new and interesting things that have made it into the records.
It is a must have for a school library and would make a great gift for any family to share.
Pat Pledger