You two, you two by Brooke Hill. Illus. by Elin Matilda Andersson

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The charming tale of siblings doing everything together, will find a ready audience amongst children listening to the words. Told in rhyme, the children will love prediction the rhyming word, especially those that describe movement inviting them to wriggle and jump along with the two little people portrayed.  Everything about the book invites readers to participate either in movement or listening to the rhyming words, or predicting the word, or saying the lines along with the reader.

And each page invites discussion as different animals are portrayed, offering  a decision to be made about what animal is shown and what the children know about that animal.

The rhyming lines underscores the relationship between siblings, showing the bonds that tie them together reinforcing the links that exist between those born in the same family. They are together, side by side, peas in a pod, friends, a team.

They climb, fly through the air, play hide and seek, crash and boom until knees must be bandaged and a lap found to sit upon for comfort, get muddy shoes and sandy feet, and get stuck up a tree together. Activities abound throughout the book, done together, as a pair of little people.

Full of flair and fun, the story will be read eagerly by children, engaged with the movement and activities of the children in the tale, engrossed with the vibrant funny illustrations and engaging with their siblings in a variety of adventures.

This is a sturdily bound book suitable for reading at bedtime. Or any time!

A Q and A with author, Brooke Hill can be found hereWhile more can be found about the illustrator, Elin Andersson here.

Themes: Adventure, Activity, Siblings, Family, Movement, Rhyming story, Humour.

Fran Knight