The Boy and the Moonimal by Debi Gliori

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When the boy discovers the moonimal in the toyshop, straight away the boy hugs him tight and because moonimals are made to be hugged tight, they become inseparable. They played together and went everywhere together. But one day the boy trips over in the woods and because he broke his glasses he couldn't see Moonimal lying amongst the leaves.

Convinced the boy will come back for him he lies there for many days and nights until he is discovered by some rabbits, who see him as special because although he looks like them, he has three ears. And so, instead of snuggling in with them he sleeps alone, rather than being hugged tight. The adventures for Moonimal are just beginning ... snatched by a large bird, dropped in the river, discovered by deer... will he ever be found by the boy again?

Debi Gliori has created a charming story for our youngest readers that will resonate with them as the tale of a lost toy is all too familiar. But telling it from the toy's point of view is unique and while there is sadness and even intrigue, it is always tinged with hope through Moonimal's belief that he will be reunited. The illustrations are full of details that not only enrich the text but offer something new to discover each time the story is read - as it will be, over and over.

Barbara Braxton