Erin's diary by Lisa McGee

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If you've watched 'Derry Girls' (available on Netflix), you'll LOVE Erin's Diary. Closely lined with the TV show, Erin's Diary gives readers an insight into the background of the characters, as well as Erin's unique point of view on the happenings around town. Filled with images from the show, posters, to do lists, images from the 90's, as well as a glossary of common Derry words or phrases, this diary is thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining. There are even letters from school, publishers and other members of the group, all helping to explain particular scenes from the show or just to add colour to the diary. 

Even if you haven't watched 'Derry Girls', you'll still enjoy the grandiose of Erin's writing, believing herself to be the next great literary talent, she includes lists on who is to be invited to her future book launches and updates the list throughout the diary. She shares her self-important views on many things including school curriculum and the troubles of Londonderry. If you have watched the show, you may have deduced the meaning of a number of the terms used throughout the series, but the glossary (located at the front of the book) is incredibly useful as well as interesting. Commonly used terms include 'boke', 'cracker', 'not a baldies' and 'catch yourself on' - terms that are now making their way into my vocabulary! 

Occasional swearing is found in the book (not as much as on the show), hence the recommended age is 13+.

Themes: Ireland, Derry, Comedy, Humour, TV, Sitcom, Historical Fiction.

Melanie Phillips