Drum roll please, it's Stevie Louise by Tanya Hennessy

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A great laugh-out-loud read. I can see kids reading this one with a smile or laugh on their faces at home or during silent reading lessons.

Drum Roll Please It’s Stevie Louise is a funny and light read by Australian much loved comedian, writer and media announcer Tanya Hennessy for middle years and beyond readers. Illustrations by Leigh Hedstrom are a great addition to the story which helps you visualise the scene.

In the book we get to meet and follow the adventures of eleven year old Stevie Louise Mason with her special bravery gold boots. She loves reading and watching musicals. Today she has come up with a great plan on how to make some money but needs the help of her Brooke Street kids gang. She decides to hold a show and she puts a theatre troupe together which she will have the starring role but wait…… a new neighbour, Addison moves into the street and threatens to derail her plans for the troupe.

Stevie takes us on a journey on how she is outgoing and full of confidence at home and with her friends but totally different at school. We read about her home life and friendship group that she wants to continue with at high school. We discover her insecurities and how she copes. There is a clear message at the end of the book that we and Stevie should just believe in ourselves and our abilities and accepting new and old friends and the importance of included people.

Definitely a great read for any school kid that will find the story relatable. Oh yeah, I loved Stevie’s mum and her crazy cooking abilities, thinking about trying some of them out on my family.

Themes: Personality, Entertainment, Business.

Maria Komninos