Dr Karl's little book of space by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

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Ill. by Russell Jeffery. Pan Australia, 2017. ISBN 9781925481235
(Age: 10+) Junior Non fiction. Dr Karl's Little Book of Space is a small book full of fun activities (quizzes, puzzles, drawings, etc) related to space. As such it is not a text book, but a fun and interesting way for children to learn facts and concepts related to space.
Examples: Space race: determining which of 3 spacecraft navigating their way through various routes will be the first to reach a planet; It's a sign activity where a sign language is used as a method of attracting attention in space (since screams cannot be heard in space).
Chapters cover most of the planets, sun and other stars and some historical aspects eg what Ancient Egyptians believed about space with a related Egyptian hieroglyphic decoding activity.
There is an answer section which further enhances the value of the book.
It would be a great little book to keep children (about 10 years of age and over) usefully occupied during journeys, holidays, etc).
The book is in the form of fill in activity book in which users complete drawings, quizzes, etc so, if teachers wish to use some pages, and are able to gain duplication consent, the activities could be incorporated into science lessons and/or used as extension exercises.
The book by a famous Australian would be a great gift for children who have an interest in anything related to space. It would also be a useful addition to a Junior Library non fiction collection.
Ann Griffin