The music advantage by Dr. Anita Collins

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Music is good for your brain… and for social development and wellbeing. Many may be aware of the link between music and mathematics, but were you aware of how learning a musical instrument helps in the development of literacy skills, reading, study skills, self control, leadership and teamwork? Collins presents all the evidence in an easy to read way that makes sense. And for the academically minded, each chapter also includes references for further reading if desired.

The book is divided into sections about different age groups, from baby to starting school, to middle school, to teenager; so parents could select to just read the section of relevance to them. There is something to take away in every chapter.

This book is a must have for every music teacher; it provides the evidence for what they might know intuitively, and the answers to many a tricky parent question. But it is also a useful book for every junior primary teacher, for school principals and parents, and deserves a place in teacher preservice education for the insights it provides about the way children learn.

Themes: Non-fiction, Music, Education, Child development.

Helen Eddy