Adrift by Paul Griffin

cover image

Text Publishing, 2015. ISBN 9781925240160
(Age: YA) Highly recommended as a good dramatic narrative for both genders. Themes: Friendships; Social class; Survival. Wow! A teenage romance across social expectations morphs into a scary survival story on the high seas. This is brilliantly written as we explore the lives and relationships of 5 young people from different social spheres who are flung together - initially as the result of a simple beach encounter, then a party invitation and finally on board a boat as they attempt to rescue one of the young people, but ultimately try to save their own lives in the face of extraordinary conditions in the ocean.
As they all face their own responses to possible death, stories from their past are shared and personality strengths and weaknesses are laid bare. This is a powerful story with each character forced to consider who you can rely on when you face death and disaster.
This is a book that the reader won't want to put down - how many will survive? If they survive, how will they face the world and move forward? Will love be enough? Is it possible to survive an extreme event and be back to normal? This is daunting drama and powerful writing, with occasional glimpses, past and present, into the world beyond the boat and its traumas, which merely add to the tension.
Carolyn Hull