Bluey: 12 days of Christmas by Blue

cover image

A board book about the countdown to Christmas will be a stocking filler this festive season, with Bluey and friends rocking through the song, The 12 Days of Christmas in their own way. Some days are represented by dogs, but we also see bin chickens. lizards, magpies, yabbies and garden gnomes adding their cheer to the celebration. Instead of my true love in the original song, we have verandah Santa as the giver of this compilation of animals.

Based on the hit ABC KIDS TV show Bluey’s count down to Christmas is tabbed for kids of all ages to select one of the days for themselves.

This award-winning preschool show about Bluey, a blue heeler pup, and her family is very addictive. The  TV show has spawned a a popular ranges of books, toys, clothes, games and more. This book is another in the offshoots of the TV show and will be well received by the legion of fans.  And I defy people not to have the Bluey song running through their minds as they read this book.

Themes: Christmas, Bluey (TV show), Christmas carols, Australian animals.

Fran Knight