Excalibur, the legend of King Arthur a graphic novel by Tony Lee and Sam Hart

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Walker Books, 2011. ISBN 978 1 406321593.
(Ages 9+) Warmly recommended. Each book about King Arthur is so different! In this one, Arthur the boy is taken by Merlin to Avalon where over two nights in real time but 2 years in Avalon time, he develops the skills needed to defeat his father's killer, Ulric, and take his rightful place as King of England, Albion. Here he falls in love with Vivianne but his memory of her is erased so that he will marry Guinevere and so set in place the events which are foretold. Lancelot, a cousin of Vivianne, vows his life to Arthur, but seeing Guinevere falls for her and the two cause an enormous rift in the relationships at court. In the meantime, Arthur's half sister, Morgana is plotting and things come to a head towards the end of the book when Arthur must meet his enemies head on.
An exciting take on the Arthurian legends, the plot dives and twists, keeping the reader alert and involved. The illustrations are breathtaking. Huge men dominate the pages, striding across the landscape, holding weaponry which is sure to make the reader's blood run cold. Excalibur is a huge golden sword, often held aloft, noisily making its presence felt in the bloody battle scenes. The movement, intricate design and boldness of the illustrations will entertain and excite the readers as they follow Arthur's fight for Albion.
Fran Knight