Arkie Sparkle series by Petra James

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Pan Macmillan Australia, 2012.
Arkie Sparkle 3 White Fright. ISBN 9781742611259.
Arkie Sparkle 4 Treasure Hunter. ISBN 9781742611266.
A recommended series for primary school. Arkie Sparkle continues her search to find another treasure in a different continent. She has to succeed in her task in order to save her parents who have mysteriously disappeared. Yet Arkie Sparkle is not alone in her quest for she has the help of her brilliant cousin TJ and Cleo a basset hound.
In White Fright Arkie must travel into the Arctic Circle to visit the Doomsday Vault, a real life storage facility for seeds from around the world. It is during her near miss capture inside the vault that she meets a surprise character and ends up too close to a very hungry polar bear.
In Ruby Red, Arkie and TJ had to gate crash a party for the notorious pirate, Blackbeard in order to steal 'The Black Prince's Ruby'. Things do not go as planned as pirates don't take too kindly to discovering spies in their midst.
Each book continues the excitement with Arkie and TJ tracking down the latest treasure and getting out of tight scrapes. The covers and format are all similar and easy to recognise. At the end of each novel, relevant true facts are listed as well as a teaser to keep the suspense going for the next book. With about 100 pages, these are an easy read for 8 to 11 year olds. A recommended series for primary school.
Jane Moore