The whole thing together by Ann Brashares

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Penguin Random House, 2017. ISBN 9780141386300
(Age:12+) Recommended. The novel The whole thing together, written by Ann Brashares describes the realisation that people saving and caring for something or someone can be brought together by a sudden disaster. The whole thing together makes you rethink your family and friends because the author uses a family reunion to bring the story to life. A messy divorce years before, resulted in shared custody of Ray and Sasha's siblings. As the youngest of their respective families and unrelated, both Ray and Sasha find themselves sharing their half-siblings and holiday home bedroom - but not each other. A chance meeting sparks romance and you can imagine the result when all members of the extended families are finally brought together in the one place.
This story, set in New York, is easy to relate to, although for me it was hard to connect with the characters. This is because the author switches the perspective of the characters before the reader can connect with them.
Overall the novel was simple but enjoyable and those who read it will find comfort doing so. I recommend this book mainly to those who are looking for an easy read with a little twist - a wonderful, open and loving story targeting readers between 12-18 years of age.
Cara F. (Student)