Our dog knows words by Peter Gouldthorpe

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Ill. by Lucy Gouldthorpe. Hachette, 2015. ISBN 9780734416346
(Age: 4+) Warmly recommended. Dogs, Families, Dog training, Responsibility. With charming illustrations showing a family and their dog, this book does far more than point out the words a dog can understand. It is a guide to how to treat a dog, how to teach it to be part of the family, understanding words and treats, fitting in with the lifestyle of the family which owns it and the family's responsibilities in having a dog. The pages show the family training their dog with treats, to sit and stay, roll over and fetch. The illustrations show a happy family and contented dog, lying on the bed together. All children will melt at the illustrations and the reader too while neither the reader or listener will be able to hold back laughter at the antics shown by both the dog and its family. The favourite words are left to last. These are the words that families have to spell out as the dog gets very excited hearing them. Words like W.A.L.K. and C.A.R. are just as easily understood by the pooch, and the last few pages are left to the last words of the day: bed.
Children will love looking at the antics of the dog in the house, and recognise some of the responsibilities of the family towards their animal in training it and treating it well, feeding, washing, taking it for walks, introducing it to other dogs and so on. A delightful book to begin talking about pets and responsibilities.
Fran Knight