The Easter bum book by Kate Mayes and Andrew Joyner

cover image

This inevitable next installment in the Bum Book collection is sure to delight fans old and new. If you've read The Bum Book and The Christmas Bum Book you'll be completely unsurprised by the content, but for the uninitiated it truly is a book full of bums. In fact, we don't see a single face. Andrew Joyner's signature illustrations, that tend to exaggerate bodily forms anyway, are positively perfect for rounded derrieres. As with the predecessors, The Easter Bum Book is full of humour in both clever writing and inspired illustrations that connect seamlessly.

There are some obvious entries: 'bunny bum' and 'bilby bum', some punny entries: 'lily bum' (illustration is of a boy from behind, holding white lillies and with a completely naked bottom) and some simply ludicrous entries: 'skipping through the tulips bum' (a naked person bouncing through a field of tulips and holding a violin) and 'hot-cross-bun bum' (a chef with a gigantic hot cross bun for a bottom). All the typical Easter activities are covered, including family road trips, Good Friday fish and chips, egg hunts, chocolate coma and bonnet parades. This is a fun jaunt through Easter with a bum twist that all kids are going to think is ridiculously funny. And adults will probably appreciate how well it hits the toilet humour brief in a clever and un-gross way.

Themes: Bottoms, Easter, Humorous books.

Nicole Nelson