What's the point of Maths? by DK Publishing

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DK Children, 2020. ISBN: 9780241343524.
(Age: 8-Adult) Highly recommended. What a well-produced, easy to understand book! After reading this, or even dipping into it, readers will come away with a greater understanding of the important place that Maths has in daily lives.
Like all good reference books, this has an excellent Contents page. An introduction gives an illustrated overview of the importance of Maths - telling time, navigating Earth, growing crops, creating art, making music, designing and building, making money, saving lives, computing, and all will grab the reader's attention and pull them into the book. It is then divided into the following headings: What's the point of numbers and counting; What's the point of shapes and measuring; What's the point of patterns and sequences; What the point of data and statistics; What's the point of probability and logic?
Intriguing headings in 'What's the point of numbers and counting?' like How to count with your nose, How to be negative, How to know the unknown, will fascinate the reader. Information given has an historical base and is very interesting to both people fascinated by Maths or those who have always found it difficult and challenging. A glossary and an index round up this excellent book.
I was intrigued by the How to escape prison in the 'What's the point of probability and logic?' section and found the historical facts really interesting. Each page is brightly illustrated with often amusing pictures, and the diagrams and simple steps help the reader to understand the explanations of the mathematical concepts. There are worked examples to show readers how to solve mathematical problems.
Pat Pledger