The Devil's Ladder by Graham Joyce

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(Age 10-15) The author of this marvelous book, Graham Joyce, was born in England in 1954. He has written many books but The Devil's Ladder is one that stood out from the rest because it was interesting and had all of Graham's ideas into one book.
The Devil's Ladder is about a teenage girl, Sophie, who goes to a rough, crazy school and a teenage boy, James, who is known as 'The Geek'. James goes to a posh, private and very expensive school. Sophie and James have nothing in common, or do they? They have a very special and dangerous talent. They are Savants! A Savant is someone who can see what others cannot and they can enter the world of demons. But when a demon, a Gozard, starts to suck all of the life out of Sophie's friend they realize it isn't a game any more. So Sophie throws herself at the demon to save her friend's life. But, the Gozard only starts to suck the life out of Sophie.
Slowly and carefully James and Sophie begin to climb, one rung at a time, The Devil's Ladder.
I, personally, recommend this book for 10- 15 year olds, due to it having some terrifying parts! Enjoy!
Heidi Bigg (student)