The Medici Manuscript by C.J. Archer

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In the second book in the Glass Library series, Sylvia Ashe has been enjoying her job at the Glass Library and is thrilled when an old manuscript is uncovered in the attic. The silver clasps on the wooden cover contain magic and the book itself is written in code. The book appears to have belonged to the powerful Medici family, and Sylvia and Gabe, with their friends, are determined to decode the book and perhaps find some answers to Sylvia’s quest to find her family.

I loved the idea of a magical book belonging to the Medici and it was fun to watch the clues that the group uncovered while trying to work out the cryptic code. There was danger too for Gabe and Sylvia when the book is stolen, and new characters are introduced as they trace suspects who knew the value of the book. Sylvia grows in confidence as she begins to trust the group, and readers will learn more about Gabe and his wartime trials. The romance between the two continues to grow slowly and no doubt more will be revealed in the next in the series, The untitled books.

Lovers of historical fiction set in the 1920’s, with its nightclubs and dancing, motor cars and shorter skirts, and those who enjoy a slow burning romance, magic and a mystery will enjoy this series. I especially enjoyed the plot revolving around a library and ancient books and will continue with the series.

Themes: Libraries, Books, Fantasy, Mystery, 1920's.

Pat Pledger