Weirdo 11: Splashy Weird by Anh Do

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Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781742993751
Recommended. More funny adventures with Weir and his friends, this time at the school swimming sports where Weir learns that participation and having fun is even more important than winning. Weir is dreading his school's swimming carnival. After attempting to fake his way out of having to attend (COUGH! COUGH!) Weir relents, deciding he will attend but not participate in any events. After all, if he's too 'sick' for the swimming carnival, then he won't be able to attend the first family dinner with the Do's new next door neighbours.
When he accidently wins a race at the carnival Weir not only has to worry about his family embarrassing him in front of Bella and her family at dinner the next evening, he also must face almost certain humiliation at the Regional Swimming Finals! Weir's classmates, who have featured earlier in the series, make appearances in this book; naturally Han Some is as brilliant at swimming as you would expect.
The illustrations always add to the humour of Anh's books. My favourite image this time was the family pets playing a game of limbo.
Donna Isgar