Supertato: Run, veggies, run by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

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Simon and Schuster Children's, 2017. ISBN 9781471121036
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Humour. Vegetables. Sports Day. Supertato has decided that it's time for all the vegetables in the supermarket to get fit and so he organised a sports day with lots of prizes. Then along comes the Evil Pea, with Gloria, a giant watermelon, who is determined to win all the prizes. Supertato gets things going and it looks as if the Evil Pea will walk away with everything, until Supertato comes up with a brilliant idea that derails Evil Pea's dastardly plan.
The third in the series with Supertato as the star (Supertato and Veggies assemble) will keep readers giggling as they follow the antics of the vegetables on Sports Day and try and work out just what Supertato will come up to foil the Evil Pea's plan to have all the prizes. They will also have fun identifying the pictures of the vegetables in the races and in the background of the story and there is the added incentive of working out what Gloria is supposed to resemble.
The illustrations are bright and cheerful and the expressions on the faces of the veggies will bring a smile to the faces of readers and listeners.
This will be a firm favourite of young children with its original storyline, subtle hints on healthy veggies and exercise and fun characters.
Pat Pledger