Wolf Girl 5: Across the sea by Anh Do

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Wolf Girl 5: Across the Sea is the fifth exciting adventure in the Anh Do series about Gwen, Rupert and their animal friends. They are on a long and perilous journey to find family members who have been taken prisoner by soldiers of the evil ruler. This latest story is set in the icy cold tundra and the pack is following a lead as to the whereabouts of Gwen and Rupert’s parents who may be being held captive on a ship. On their journey to the village of Gulfoss where the ship carrying prisoners is expected to dock, the children and the animals face perilous conditions. When they arrive in Gulfoss they find it abandoned but the ship docks not long after. The pack make plans to secretly board and find out if their parents are among the prisoners. They encounter a new four-footed companion whom they rescue from the soldiers and he provides valuable support when they all sneak on board. For one of the children the story has a happy outcome but it is bittersweet when the break out of prisoners goes awry. The pack is once again on the run but an important member has been replaced for the time being. Book six will be released soon and more will be revealed.

This excellent middle grade series continues to provide the reader with adventure, excitement, danger and humour. The illustrations complement the text perfectly. There is an added bonus sealed section which introduces Wolf Girl Gwen to Amber, the main character in Anh Do’s series Skydragon.

Themes: Family, Children, Adventure, Dogs, Survival, Trust, Animals, Danger, Tundra, Soldiers, Prisoners.

Kathryn Beilby