A very special Moon mission by Rebecca Fung

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A Very Special Moon Mission is a newly released early middle grade story that will appeal to those children who are fascinated with space and enjoy reading short stories. Best friends Phoebe and Elliot, who are space fanatics and desperate to be astronauts, sneak out of their homes and visit a nearby Space Station to find out as much as they can. They are followed there by Julia, a quiet, unpopular classmate whom Phoebe is not happy to see. The three children are welcomed enthusiastically by the person in charge who generously allows them to wander around the station. They meet the three female astronauts in training and decide to try on their space suits. They wander around and discover the rocket, The Obsession, which they climb aboard and accidently send off into space. They are enjoying their adventure but discover the computer system has a mind of its own! It tips Phoebe out of the door hatch onto the moon and then shoots off deeper into space. Julia is able to reprogram the computer system and they fly back to rescue Phoebe in a very clever way.  Once back safely at the Space Station they realise that no one knew they were missing and due to their secret journey, a worrying and complex problem is solved.

Themes: Friends, Astronauts, Space Travel, Moon Landing, Adventure, Humour.

Kathryn Beilby