There's broccoli in my ice cream by Emily MacKenzie

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Bloomsbury, 2017. ISBN 9781408873304
(Age: 5+) Highly recommended. Vegetables, Food, Gardening. Granville loves sweet sugary foods, things that are gooey and creamy and full of syrup, cakes and ice cream and donuts and jellies. The more the merrier. But he comes from a long line of gardeners, people who win awards for their produce. They have won cups for their cauliflower and cabbage, their carrots and pumpkins, so Granville is an embarrassment. The family decides to work out a plan to change his mind about their produce.
Grandpa Reggie has a retail outlet called Reggie's Veggies for people to buy his crops. He has won many awards, and is especially proud of one of his awards, The Magnificent Magic Watering Can. With this he hopes to get Granville to change his mind about fruit and vegetables and asks him to help in his garden. Granville is excited to help Reggie and after they have planted and watered his new seeds, Granville then plants some of his beloved sweet things, watering them with the special watering can. Sure enough up comes an array of sweet things. The family is very disappointed but Grandpa makes a bargain with Granville, that he will try the sweet crop if Granville tries the vegetables.
Everything comes to a good ending, of course, and parents and teachers alike will be able to use this book to encourage healthy eating with a smile. The funny illustrations will endear the tale to the readers as they take in the message underlying the story.
Fran Knight