Trouble at the Zoo by Chris Kunz

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Bindi Wildlife Adventures. Random House Australia, 2010. ISBN 9781864719963
A new series featuring Bindi Irwin, famous daughter of crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. No 1, titled Trouble at the Zoo, is a quaint little story for beginner readers. In this first adventure we are introduced to the Irwin family, celebrating Bindi's 11th birthday, as well as Australia Zoo, where the family live and work. Although a short story the book covers all the excitement of a themed costume party open to the public at the Zoo, and how the plot by a zoo patron to steal one of its animals is quite easily foiled by the Irwin siblings. It includes of course the message of wildlife conservation and endangered animals that is expected when reading about Bindi Irwin. Delightful in its simplicity, it will appeal to children dedicated to saving wildlife themselves. What is special about this series is each book also includes information about the animals in the story written simply so children could use for school projects or just to better understand the creature.
Vicki Nunn