Leo da Vinci vs the Ice Cream Domination League by Michael Pryor

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Ill. by Jules Faber. Random House, 2015. ISBN 9780857988379
Even though he is just 10 years old, Leo da Vinci is an inventor, artist, genius and founder of Fixit International Inc. dedicated to saving the world from super villains in cahoots with his friend Mina and sidekicks Isaac the robot and Ragnar the talking pig. No matter where or when, he is always sketching new inventions from the most ordinary objects and collecting the most amazing array of everyday stuff in his top-secret shed where he put his theories into practice. So when the Ice Cream Domination League move in, determined to control all the ice cream in the world for themselves by stealing ice cream trucks and blowing up factories, Leo has a new problem to solve and a new enemy to face.
This is a new series aimed at younger independent readers who are looking for a lovable hero written by an author who admits that it is "a very silly book." " Leo da Vinci vs the Ice-Cream Domination League is a very silly book - and it was a lot of fun to write. I've always liked the idea of the young inventor, working away to create amazing contraptions. And I've always liked the idea of young inventors saving the world. Oh, and I've always liked the idea of talking pigs, too. Throw all these things in together, add some extra silliness, and you have the start of Leo da Vinci's adventures." Yet for all the 'silliness' of the plot, nevertheless this is a well-written story as Pryor is a master storyteller for adults and young adults having been nominated several times for an Aurealis Award for science fiction, fantasy and horror writers. Larger font, shorter chapters and clever illustrations will draw in readers who will then look forward to the next in the series Leo da Vinci vs the Furniture Overlord to be published early in 2016.
Barbara Braxton