Wild Rescue - Poacher Peril by J. Burchett and S. Vogler

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Hardie Grant Egmont, 2011.
Fancy receiving an eyeball in the mail? An unusual birthday present for sure!
In the first few pages of Wild Rescue - Poacher Peril our main characters, twins Zoe and Ben, have already been presented with their first mystery. They have received a puzzling message (and an eyeball) from their godfather; someone they thought had gone missing.
The twins are enlisted into a secret organisation called Wild. They are a group of environmentalists who help animals all over the world and it is run by their godfather. Zoe and Ben's first mission is travel to Sumatra and help keep a tiger and her cubs safe from poachers. Their job is to discover who the poachers are and inform the authorities. Along the way, their courage is tested as they try and save the tigers from a trap and they learn that not everything should be judged by its appearance.
The language used by the authors is descriptive, making it interesting for readers aged 10+. The events move quickly, are full of adventure and any young reader - girl or boy - will enjoy trying to solve the mystery of who the poachers are. It is also full of messages concerning looking after the environment and animals and the illustrations, though in black and white, are detailed and show you who the characters are.
Kylie Kempster