Australians all love Easter eggs by Colin Buchanan

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Illus. by Sarah Hardy. Scholastic Australia, 2020. ISBN: 9781743834794. 24pp.
(Age: 2-6) Recommended. Australians all love Easter eggs is a cute rhyming story written by Colin Buchanan and illustrated by Sarah Hardy. It tells of poor Bunyip Creek, a town too far for the Easter Bunny to visit. The animals of this town decide enough is enough and that they are going to work together and help get the chocolate eggs delivered in time for Easter Sunday. They do everything they can and get the bunny there on time, so the animals can wake up to the delicious delivery for the first time.
I liked this charming little story, which has 'Aussie mate-ship' as an undertone just with animals instead of people! The rhyme was easy to read and flowed nicely, the text is positioned mainly on a white background, and the characters are drawn with emotions on their faces.
The illustrations really make this story, with pencil drawings of cockatoos carrying the Easter Bunny over the lake, crocodiles carrying baskets of eggs on their backs, koalas bush walking with backpacks full and my favourite - the echidna, lizard and possum filling the baskets!
I think this would be a great story to add in to an Easter book collection, or as a gift to a younger child (2-6 years). I give it 4 out of 5, and look forward to reading this to Miss 5 at Easter time.
Lauren Fountain