Silver Shoes series by Samantha-Ellen Bound

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Random House Australia, 2015
Book 1: And All That Jazz. ISBN 9780857982827
Book 2: Hit the Streets. ISBN 9780857982841
(Age: 8-10 years) Recommended for dance enthusiasts. Junior Novel.
Samantha-Ellen Bound's new four novel series introduces Miss Caroline's Silver Shoes Dance Studio and four girls who love different dance styles. The author is a skilled dancer and choreographer who has drawn from her own experiences to create this world of tap, ballet, rap, ballroom and jazz.
In And All That Jazz, ten year old Eleanor Irvin's whole world revolves around dance classes and her best friend Paige. She is very competitive and desperate to be part of the elite troupe chosen to perform at the Jazz Groove Dance Competition. She has a few problems to overcome, auditions are a struggle and she's sure her number one enemy Jasmine is out to ruin her chances. Ellie becomes even more upset when a new student Ashley from a rival dance company begins jazz lessons too. From specific jazz moves to the nitty gritty of dance classes, this junior novel captures the world of dance for young enthusiasts.
Hit the Streets focuses on Ashley who has settled into lessons at the studio and now made friends with Ellie, Riley and Paige. Silver Shoes Dance Studio offers free trial lessons in different dance styles and Ash is keen to try Hip Hop. At home she loves to listen to hip hop tunes and watch her sister Bridget's boyfriend Brimax dance with his crew. She loves her first class and the teacher Jay, who encourages her to find her own beat. Ash's dance clothes and shoes are old and worn and her family is unable to afford new ones so she finds work cleaning up the costumes and props room at the studio for discount passes to lessons. This second story delivers all the dance moves, as well as showing how one girl's determination and creativity help solve her clothing dilemma.
Rhyllis Bignell