All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth by Don Gardner

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Ill. by Katz Cowley, sung by Craig Smith. Scholastic Australia. 2011 ISBN 978 1 74169 784 1.
(Ages 3-6) Picture book. Humour. Christmas. The old song is given a new face with this attractive picture book, released for the Christmas market, having a monkey as the main character, bemoaning the fact that his two front teeth have gone missing. He has no idea where they are, and tells the other animals, eventually lining up with the throng waiting to see Santa with their requests. He tells us how incomplete he is without his front teeth, unable to say Merry Christmas, or Sister Susie sitting on a thistle, or to whistle. Each page has delightful illustrations, sure to please any reader as well as the person who reads it aloud. Each page will encourage discussion amongst the smallest of the listeners about their teeth and why they are important, and incidentally what they want for Christmas!
A companion CD will initiate a great deal of fun in the classroom and at home or the local library when the children sing along.
Fran Knight