The Witch's Warning by Joseph Delaney

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Aberrations series book 2. Puffin Books, 2019. ISBN: 9780241349953. 303pgs., pbk.
A new spooky horror-fantasy YA story in a new series by international best-selling author of the Spooks series, Joseph Delaney. The Witch's Warning is the second book in the new series Aberration's. It is a stand-alone read but I feel like I should have read The Beast Awakens because references were made back to world of Aberrations and I think you get a better understanding of the main characters.
Delaney has managed to create a world where a dark force, The Shole, is quickly taking over. All creatures that are unfortunate enough to be living where The Shole takes over are either killed or changed into blood thirsty monsters. The Shole is an endless multitude of dark and nasty creatures that are creeping north. The imagination Delaney has used to come up with these creatures is amazing, the flappers are my favourite.
The main characters Crafty is very likable and he teams up with Lick and Lucky to make up a trio that takes on The Shole. Along the way they find Donna and Titch who join their team. Donna and Titch are dead Grubs that have been brought back to life but will die if they leave The Shole. They take on an adventure to stop Viper who has come back to take over the land.
I love how Delaney's books are based on real places in Lancashire and the inspiration behind most of his stories come from the local ghost stories and legends of Lancashire. Would love to visit the area one day.
If you like dark creatures, non-stop action with cliff hangers The Witch's Warning is a great read.
Maria Komninos