Zelah Green, One more little problem by Vanessa Curtis

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Egmont, 2011. ISBN: 9781405240543.
Recommended age: 12+. Summer's supposed to be good, right? But Zelah's stuck at home with a lousy laptop, stacks of homework and Dad being more useless than ever. And then Caro turns up out of the blue, all heavy metal and piercings and attitude and my boring summer's turned upside down. It's like she knows just what to say to wind Zelah up, sending her OCD right out of control!
Zelah has OCD; it's not something she can just stop, even if she wanted to. She does things like jump at the top and bottom of the stairs at least 15 times, disinfects everything she touches and will not touch eggs under any circumstances.
Love this book, hope there's a sequel. It gives a wonderful insight into the life of a child with OCD, whilst still getting the message across that when you're young know who your friends are and be yourself. I would really recommend this to anyone who loves to read whether they like a long read, short story or anything in between.
Taylor Oxenham (student)