The naughtiest reindeer takes a bow by Nicki Greenberg

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Allen and Unwin, 2017. ISBN 9781760297653
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Rhyming story, Christmas, Reindeer, Presents. Christmas is approaching quickly and Ruby wants to help Santa this year so that he does not get stressed out delivering all the presents on time. Ruby, Rudolph's naughty sister was first introduced in The naughtiest reindeer (2013) and has had two more books about her playfulness, The naughtiest reindeer at the zoo (2015) and The naughtiest reindeer goes south (2016)
Ruby is enchanting and just as welcome in this verse story telling of her efforts to help.
She throws the sack of presents on her back the day before Christmas and heads off pulling the sleigh alone. Because she is unable to do this by herself, she falls onto the outside of the house of George and Amelia. They take her in, pushing all the presents into the garage, but their parents do not want the reindeer to stay at home, so the children take her to school where they are rehearsing their songs for Christmas Eve. The class are all dressed as reindeer, and Ruby tries to join in but makes things a little worse. Meanwhile Santa and the other reindeer are looking for the presents and so the two groups collide with predictably funny results, as Ruby works out how the two groups can manage to deliver all the presents on time.
Children will love reading of Ruby's adventures as she really tries to help, but finds that all her efforts cause some sort of mayhem.
Readers will enjoy predicting the rhyming words as they gobble up an array of new words, like astonish, admonish, disappear and initiative. I love Ruby and the reindeers, fashioned out of wood, with twig antlers, encouraging any reader to try one out for themselves, and the array of Christmas customs are reflected through the book for everyone to enjoy. The book's shimmering cover is sure to attract a host of readers.
Fran Knight