Sky dragon : Fly free by Anh Do

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Sky Dragons: Fly Free written by Anh Do is the second book in one of the author's latest series for upper middle grade and reluctant teenage readers. Once again Amber is on the run. She has caught the attention of the evil agents and relies heavily on her power over insects and ability to transform seemingly into a dragon to protect her from dangerous situations. However the Firefighter, known for his abilities with fire, has been sent to hunt her down. They meet and engage in a challenging fight where both are wounded. As Amber glimpses the scars on Firefighter's body a memory is triggered and she begins to wonder about his true identity. Amber escapes and Firefighter is taken to hospital where he is told he is no longer on the mission to capture the Skydragon. He begins to question what Agent Ferris has in store for him especially as triplet secret agents are given the tasks that he would normally have been responsible for. The capture of Amber is the predominant goal of the agent and no stone is left unturned. Fortunately Amber is continually on the move and with the amazing support of insect colonies she is able to outwit her enemies until the triplet agents bring about her downfall. Before this occurs Amber briefly reconnects with her neighbour in order to follow her instinct as to the identity of Firefighter. Amber also learns that her friend Justin has been trying to find her and she is able to have a passing meeting with him.

This second book continues to provide the reader with the perfect blend of excitement and danger. The graphic style illustrations by James Hart provide the readers with visuals to maintain their interest in the story. As with the first book, the ending leaves the reader wondering what will happen next and hoping that the third book in the series will be out soon.

Themes: Insects, Fantasy, Conflict, Danger, Mystery, Evil.

Kathryn Beilby