The little pirate Queen by Sally Anne Garland

cover image

Lucy is on an adventure searching for Far Away Island. She has a small, rickety raft which she patches up over and over again. The other children sailing have much better sea crafts than her and she wishes she had something better. One day a huge wave crashes over the children and Lucy is the only one who stays afloat. She rescues the others and teaches them how to mend the sails and row the raft. On their journey she fills their heads with stories of pirates and treasure. Just as they are feeling like they will never find Far Away Island, they discover wreckage from other boats so together they create a new and stronger great big pirate ship. Land is finally in site and the rescued children head ashore for their own adventures leaving Lucy sailing the seas.

This is an enjoyable read that taps vividly into a child’s imagination. The illustrations are beautifully drawn and perfectly complement the text.

Themes: Pirates, Boats, Ocean, Friendship, Resilience, Imagination.

Kathryn Beilby