One, Two, Three, ROAR! Judy Moody and friends by Megan McDonald

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Candlewick Press, 2017. ISBN 9780763695767
(Age: 6-8) A bind up of three short stories, this book would appeal to younger readers between the ages of 6-8. Each of these simple tales focus on Judy Moody and her friends, Rocky, Amy and Jessica.
The first of the three stories, Jessica Finch in Pig Trouble is about a young lady who loves pigs and is desperate to be given one for her birthday. Children could easily relate to the concept of birthday wishes. Secrets are kept, and friendships are tested but the resolution is positive.
Rocky Zang in the Amazing Mr Magic begins with Rocky being keen to perform his magic tricks for an audience. Unfortunately, things don't go quite according to plan and Rocky is disappointed until, eventually, he manages to complete a trick which impresses Judy and makes him feel happy.
Amy Namey in Ace Reporter tells of a keen would be reporter endeavouring to find a great scoop which would merit being a front-page story. She shares her ideas with her friends and together they try to uncover a newsworthy story. Not only does she come up with a piece she deems fit for 'publication', she learns of a similarity between she and her mother and this creates a good bonding experience.
They are gentle and not at all challenging or threatening, providing positive messages about friendship and tolerance and the fact that different interests can unite people instead of dividing them.
Jo Schenkel