Trans mission : My quest to a beard by Alex Bertie

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Hachette, 2017. ISBN 9781526360687
(Age: Adolescent) This well written and easy to understand autobiography goes a long way to helping you understand the struggles facing transgender men and women.
Bertie's honest account of his childhood, the difficulties he faced with family, peers and professionals is eye opening and informative.
Born and raised as a girl, Alex Bertie enjoyed his childhood as a tomboy, unaware of the gender conflict that grew with him as he got older and for a long time unable to put a name to the pain it was causing within him.
A keen youtube blogger, Bertie shares his journey of self-discovery and how he had to navigate the medical system in the UK to find doctors who were at least knowledgeable and even sympathetic about his condition. Waiting until he was legally an adult to access the drugs and surgery that would help to make his body more masculine. Only in his early 20s, Bertie's advice is sound and mature as only those who have experienced personal trauma and come through with a positive outlook, can give.
Written in a pragmatic and uplifting tone, I found Bertie's story interesting and educational. He uses everyday language to explain the medical procedures available and the correct terminology that helped him name his feelings as he came to terms with being trapped in the wrong body.
Although I believe everyone would benefit by reading this autobiography, I think his writing style and the layout is targeting adolescents.
Joyce Crawford