How it works: Light by Sarah Hull. Illus. by Kaley McKean

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Most of us know that light is the key to life on this planet and that our major light source is the sun. But there are many other facts about this phenomenon that remain a mystery to us, even as adults, and in this new book from Usborne some of the ways that light works that baffle us are explained in a lift-the-flap format with simple text and bright, appealing diagrams.

Budding young scientists (and even those who aren't) can learn how light works, why there is even light at night, how colours are formed and perceived, and a host of other fascinating facts including some simple experiments that can be tried to understand the concepts better. More for the age group that has a basic awareness of science than our youngest readers, this is a book that answers those fundamental questions ranging from rainbows and reflections to lightyears and lasers and then these are backed up by the usual Quicklinks for those who want to know more about particular aspects.

The format could even serve as a model for a class investigation as students pose their own questions and then explore and explain the concept to develop their own answers.

Themes: Light.

Barbara Braxton