Me too by Erika Geraerts and Charl Laubscher

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Ill. by Gatsby. Walker Books, 2017. ISBN 9781925381900
When two young friends discuss the things they like and want to do with their lives, they are pleased to discover that their friend says, 'me too'. One wants to pack her bag and go off on an adventure, while the boy does the same thing, saying 'me too'. The boy hopes to find someone who likes dressing up, and the girl responds, 'me too'. The girl wants someone to make her breakfast in bed and the boy walks in with a tray of pancakes and pot of tea, while the next page the boy hopes someone will help him when he is down, finding the girl ready with a bandage when he falls from his bike. Each double page shows the two in a situation where they are sharing something each likes, one complimenting the other, each realissing that the other is just like them. The two friends find out what each other likes as well as what they like, developing their own characteristics and personalities.
The line drawings suit the story line, its unfussy appearance focussing attention on the words and the behaviour of the two, adding a frugally small amount of colour.
Children will enjoy reading this book, talking about the things they like, and finding out who also likes the things they like, but being aware that some people may not always like everything that they like.
This book will make a great discussion starter, as well as making children think about their preferences in a friend.
Fran Knight