Curse of the night witch by Alex Aster

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Have you ever wanted a different future for yourself other than the one laid out for you? Twelve-year-old Tor Luna does. So, on Eve, when his village get a single wish, he wishes that his leadership mark gets replaced with that of a water-breather. He loved swimming, which he still found time to do though he was banned from it, to concentrate on his studies.

The following morning bought Tor unimaginable grief. His wish, or the coin he had touched, he wasn’t sure, had caused his three purple rings of leadership to disappear, but he did not have the water-breather symbol either. He had the curse of the eye which also shortened his lifeline. How could he tell his parents? He hadn’t told them what he had been thinking, and now they will be disappointed in him.

He didn’t have to show his friend, Engle, the sightseer, he saw the mark, and tried to get it off, but couldn’t. Melda thought she could help. Legend says if you touch the mark of the curse, you will also be cursed.

This is the start of their long, arduous journey together. They decided they needed to find the Night Witch, who legend has it is the only one to be able to break the curse. The trio must travel across the whole of Emblem Island and face the creatures they know from the book of Cuentos. They cannot afford to not pay attention to the details if they are to survive. But someone is helping them, who is it? They think it is the storyteller, the author of Cuentos, but is it? He must be long dead.

Their strength and stamina are tested, and their lives are often put at risk. Can they reach the Night Witch before their lifelines end, and get back to their village, where their families must be worrying about each of them?

This is the first book in the adventure series. It is full of action; I found it hard to put down. I can’t wait to read to read the next one.

Themes: Action, Adventure, Fantasy.

Natalie Fisher