The last legacy by Adrienne Young

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Set in the world of Fable and Namesake, The last legacy is a stand-alone novel that delves deep into the world of the Roths, a family notorious for selling false gems and with a name for dire deeds. When Byrn receives a letter from her Uncle Henrik Roth, she returns to Bastian, hoping that she will find a place in this family. She has been brought up in faraway Nimshire by her great aunt Sariah as a proper young lady knowing what to wear and how to behave, but dreams of being accepted for the skills she could bring to the family. When she arrives, she finds an infamous family ruled over with an iron fist by her Uncle Henrik who wants to make the family business legitimate by joining the Guild. He thinks that Bryn will be able to teach them manners and how to dress but also has plans for her to join in marriage with another of the influential families headed by Simon. Bryn however has other ideas, especially as she is drawn to the silversmith Ezra.

Young makes a study of the world of the merchants and guilds, and the machinations that take place when the Roth family wants to move up the social ladder away from the business that caused her parents’ deaths. Bryn takes her time trying to work out the power structure of the Roth family, while being drawn into the dangerous work that Henrik presides over.

The slow burning romance between Bryn and Ezra is a plus for romance lovers, and the descriptions of Bryn’s tea house, the beautiful silver and fabulous clothes are wonderful. But it is the engrossing story of a strong, intelligent, and thoughtful young woman coming of age and taking power to find a place in the world that keeps the reader’s interest.

Fans of Young will delight in The last legacy while those new to the world will want to read the other books in the series, or move onto Six of crows by Leigh Bardugo or Devil’s ballast by Meg Caddy.

Themes: Guilds, Silversmiths, Coming of age.

Pat Pledger