My first Tashi colours by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg

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Illus. by Kim Gamble, Arielle Gamble and Greer Gamble. Allen & Unwin, 2020. ISBN: 9781760877323.
(Age: 0+) Highly recommended. The very popular Tashi is introduced to the young child in this book which teaches about colours. With the words In this world of magic and mystery, you can see . . . the reader will find themselves not only immersed in beautiful colours but in a wonderful world of the imagination. Starting with the colour red, the word Tashi is printed in large red print underneath with the image of Tashi on the opposite page. The power of the mind is then challenged by the blue genie, with its fabulous thick lips and grin, smoky blue body and black hair twisted in a tail. Tashi is not fazed by the green dragon with its scaly body and he has lots of fun driving everyone on the yellow bus. The white tiger is rather scary and the pink pig gambols along. I loved the brown horse with its black mask, ridden by a robber and Baba Yaga's purple outfit and light purple hair is a hoot. All ends happily with rainbow fireworks and a vast celebration.
There are only two words on every second page but the illustrations open up a strange world of fantastic creatures and often rather scary people. But on each double spread, Tashi stand bold and brave and will appeal to everyone who reads the book.
Anna Fienberg has written an afterword at the back of the book, telling of the origins of Tashi that magical boy. Children and the adults who read this book to them are sure to want to get the first Tashi book, Tashi 25th anniversary edition especially if there are older children who could either listen to the story or read it themselves.
I am so lucky to have a copy of this wonderful book which will wing it way to my very small grandchild. It is a stand-out example of showing colours to young children while stimulating imaginations.
Pat Pledger