Stick Man by Julia Donaldson

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Ill. by Axel Scheffler. Scholastic, 2008. ISBN 9781407132327.
The classic story of Stick Man has been revived in this series designed as Early Readers. Despite the font being a smaller size than one normally associates with early readers the colourful illustrations and predictable rhyme pattern will endear it to the younger reader.
Stick Man lives in the family tree with his wife and children three. One day he goes out for a jog meets a dog and his troubles begin. Especially designed for early readers the story told in rhyme will be a hit with the younger audience as Stick Man's problems continue. He is used in many different ways by a variety of characters as he laments the fact he is travelling even farther away from his family. When all hope seems lost he is rescued and returned home by a most unlikely hero.
Whilst children will enjoy Stick man's adventures and the rhyming language I think teachers will see a myriad of opportunities to use this book in the classroom. From focussing on the rhymes to discussing the passing of time as shown in the colourful art work of Alex Scheffler which enhance the text and give a context to the story.
The English country side from the wild life and way of life to the way Stick Man is used by the children and animals who find him offer opportunities to compare and contrast with the Australian experience. A quick search of will reveal resources already prepared for activities in Language and Maths featuring Stick Man.
Sue Keane